Tallan Noble Latz (aka: T-Man) is a AWARD-WINNING HIGH ENERGY rock/blues/pop guitarist/singer that seems predestined for the big stage. He has been playing music since the age of 3, picking up the guitar for the first time at 4 and finally getting serious about the guitar at age 5.

At age 5, Tallan was taking lessons 3 days a week, soaking up all the information he could about the guitar. The dedication of a 5 year old practicing 3 hours straight was unheard of to his guitar teachers. Tallan devoured everything they gave him and left him hungry for more. As his first guitar teacher said, “This is unbelievable that he can learn the lesson sitting here. His speed of learning never existed in any student I have ever had in my 25 years of teaching!”

Tallan began performing regularly with local bands when he was 6 years old. He quickly became a crowd favorite everywhere he performed. Everyone started talking about this young DYNAMIC guitar playing PHENOM who possesses an old musical soul; the way Tallan carries and conducts himself on stage is something that just has to be seen. As one reporter wrote, ¨When T-Man takes the stage; people stop what they’re doing and collectively stare. People entering the room look up and stop as if their shoes were suddenly glued to the floor, not moving again until the song is over, when they reflexively break into wild shouts and applause. Everyone is saying the same thing ¨You gotta see this kid called T-Man!!!¨

The BUZZ was swirling around Tallan so much that the decision was made for Tallan (age 7) to start fronting his own band. The name of the band became T-Man’s Blues Project and then when Tallan was 8 years old the band named changed to The Tallan Noble Latz Band.

The talk grew and expanded quickly. Tallan (age 8) was asked to do a cameo in the movie, “Wildfire, the Arabian Horse”! This experience gave Tallan the bug to want to explore movie roles more in the future.

In 2009, Tallan (age 9) collaborated with the AWARD WINNING musician named Louie Zagoras. Louie recognized immediately that Tallan had something and took him under his wing. With Louie’s guidance they quickly went into the studio to record 5 original songs: Journey Man, Slippin Away, Other World, Kid in the Region and a song for Tallan’s mom called 4U.

In 2011, Tallan (age 11) went back into the studio and collaborated with #1 BILLBOARD BLUES ARTIST, Anthony Gomes. Tallan and Anthony did their work at Sawhorse Studios in St. Louis, MO. The collaboration produced 2 songs, one was called Blues Child and the other rightfully named at the time, Blues @ 11. The songs relate to Tallan’s experiences of being so young and being on the road playing music in the adult world. With the addition of top studio musicians Joe Meyer, Preston Hubbard and David Grelle to lay down the groove, allowing Tallan to focus on his guitar and vocal tracks. The tracks were then sent off to WORLD-RENOWED MASTER MIXER Jim Gaines and he mastered the songs and gave us what we have today!

At age 12 Tallan became a sought after guitar clinician and guitar instructor. Tallan partnered with Dangerous Guitars and together they will be releasing Instructional videos and books designed to help the young guitar enthusiast advance quickly, learning the skills it requires to achieve future greatness.

Tallan takes great pride in what he does and with his countless hours of practice and his experience of 700+ shows, together it helps him create that perfect musical storm! Tallan takes his music prowess and mixes it with his jaw dropping stage presence to create a MUSICAL EXPERIENCE that very few entertainers at any age can achieve!!

Fast forward a number years and we come to 2019.

Tallan has performed well over 700 shows, has traveled the country, opened for many legends and shared the stage with many more.

2019 has brought Tallan into the studio now 19 years old to record his first full original CD.  This CD is all Tallan, he wrote all the songs, produced the CD, executive produced the CD and will be released on his own label.  The CD will be out early 2020.