Piers Morgan, judge from America’s Got Talent stated, “To watch a boy at your age come out and do that (rock the guitar) is one of the most extraordinary things I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Sharon Osbourne said, “You see so many musicians who can play, but they don’t have the soul and the feel and you do… you got the vibe! Tallan’s got soul and he’s an extraordinary talent! He is simply AMAZING!!”

David Hasselhoff declared, “You know you got a major career in front of you kid…You got charisma!”

As GM Planell, (a reporter for ChicagosRock.com) after watching Tallan’s last performance of 2008 wrote, “I have never witnessed anything like I was about to see in the course of my music evolution. Never. An averaged sized nine-year-old boy, by the name of Tallan “T-Man” Latz. On a Fender Telecaster, this child opened up like a raging bluesman in his finest. He played his guitar behind his head and cranked out riffs that would have embarrassed Jimi Hendrix himself. Tallan is a Wisconsin native and exuded pure showmanship and blaring riffs that left most speechless. I was exhausted.”

Joe Bonamassa said of Tallan T-Man Latz, “You are a true prodigy and I am very proud of you.. one blues wonder kid to another. You are so far ahead of me at your age its not funny.”

Buddy Guys said of Tallan: “When I see somebody at that age, that amazing on guitar, I just have to try to express myself the best I can how good that is.”

Jonny Lang said, “Tallan’s future is going to be whatever he wants it to be! He’s way ahead of the curve.”

Joe Satriani said, “I’ve been watching you on YouTube and you’re doing awesome!”

Hubert Sumlin, Blues Legend, Howlin’ Wolf’s Guitarist said, “Right here, this is the future of blues!!!”

Walter Trout said “T-Man has IT, one in a million have IT and he has a ton of IT, so much at such a young age that it’s scary! Now I know the blues are in good hands! He can play with me anytime, anywhere!”

Bryan Lee said, “I couldn’t believe my ears, I just wanted to stop what I was doing and listen. I asked, is that really a kid? Tallan is amazing!”

Jackson Browne said, “Are you kidding me, did you see that!”

“You passed the audition. I didn’t know what to expect but you can definitely play at my concert on Saturday!” ~Les Paul

Albert Cummings, “Nobody told me he could play like that.”

“On the Windy City Blues Society Stage, young blue star Tallan Noble Latz commanded a crowd…. he played a stunning guitar set, full-throttled with energy to spare, which he used to jump on amps and get the crowd screaming. Latz is a force.”
– Matt Marshall, American Blues Scene Magazine

“The entire planet needs to see this kid play.”
– John Schuld, co-organizer of the Kenosha Bloomin’ Days Festival

“I’ve had Tallan on our show for years now. He’s an AWESOME performer! The crowd goes crazy when he plays! He STOLE the show again this year…This kid ROCKS!!!”
– Ric Choate, President of the SRV Ride and Concert

“Life has it’s special moments and one of mine was the first time I saw Tallan perform at the Stevie Ray Vaughan Ride and Concert in Dallas, Texas. Watching him perform that day was one of those moments in my life, a special day I’ll never forget! It was pure magic and the crowd couldn’t get enough of Tallan. He IS the whole package!”
~ John Munder – Owner – Munder Amplification